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The Annunciation

The angel announces to Mary that She will conceive in Her womb and bear
a Son Who will be called Son of the Most High. Mary’s “Yes”, Her great fiat,
reverberates for all time and eternity – and the Word is made flesh –
God becomes Man and dwells among us.

We pray that all young men who are being called by God to the priesthood
will give their consent to the Will of God.

We pray that all priests will truly love and cherish their participation in the Sacred
Priesthood, conscious that their fiat, like Mary’s, resounds through all time and
eternity: “You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.” 1

The Visitation

Mary, with the Infant Jesus in Her Womb, travels in haste to the home of
Elizabeth. The infant John the Baptist in the womb of Elizabeth leaps for joy, and
Elizabeth herself is filled with the Holy Spirit at the sound of Mary’s voice and the
presence of the Lord so near.

We pray that all priests might live and love to bring Jesus to others –
that they might be the merciful, healing presence of Christ as they visit the sick,
the elderly, the imprisoned and the dying.

We pray that all priests might work reverently and tirelessly to protect and
defend all human life.

The Birth of Jesus

Mary gives birth to the Prince of Peace, the Light of the World, in the darkness
and poverty of a stable in Bethlehem. Through Her, the Eternal Word of the
Father comes as a little child to bring us the Father’s message of love and
forgiveness. This is the true gift of Christmas.

We pray that all priests will place their hope and trust in this message of the
Father’s love and forgiveness that they, too, may become as little children of God.
And we pray that as they live out this Christmas message in their own lives
throughout the year, they will inspire in others the hope Christ came to bring us.

The Presentation

Mary and Joseph present Jesus in the Temple according to the Law of Moses.
Simeon, a holy and devout man “awaiting the consolation of Israel” 2, takes the
Child in his arms and blesses God, telling Mary that Her Son will be a “sign that
will be contradicted” 3 and that Her own heart will be pierced.

We pray that all priests – “signs of contradiction” in the world today – might
be messengers of God’s love and peace and consolation to the whole world.

We pray that all priests might unite themselves to the Heart of Mary when
their hearts, too, are pierced by the pain and suffering that is both around
and within them.

The Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple

Mary and Joseph, after three days of anxious searching, find the Child Jesus
sitting among the teachers in the Temple. He returns with Mary and Joseph
to Nazareth and is obedient to them.

We pray that all priests may be found teaching the faith in word and action
wherever they may be.

We pray that all priests might turn to Mary and Joseph with obedient and
childlike trust in all their needs as Jesus surely did, and that, like Jesus, they
may grow in wisdom and age and grace in the sight of God.4



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