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The Resurrection

Jesus Christ is Risen! We sing Alleluia!!

Here is the foundational truth of our faith. Jesus has broken the power of death,
reconciled God and mankind, and opened for all the gates of Heaven.

We pray that all priests who suffer through painful trials will unite themselves to
the suffering Christ that they may come to know with Him the light and joy
of the Resurrection.

We pray that all priests will celebrate the Resurrection with Easter joy every Sunday.

The Ascension

If the truth of the Resurrection is the foundation of our faith, the Ascension
is surely the basis for our hope.

Jesus came to show a lost and fallen humanity the way to the Father.
Now, as He returns to the Father, He takes our restored humanity with Him, leaving
His apostles with the instructions to carry the Gospel into the whole world, making
disciples of all the nations and baptizing in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.12 To this very day, every priest is ordained and sent for this
same purpose.

We pray for all priests as they open the doors of salvation to countless souls
through the saving waters of Baptism.

We pray for the safety and protection of all priests, especially missionary priests who
carry the Gospel message into dangerous and sometimes violent areas of the world.
We lift up, in a special way, those priests who will shed their blood for the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit descends in tongues of fire on the apostles, filling them with the Love of
God, sanctifying them and empowering them to go forth to announce and explain the
Word of God with authority.13 In a similar way, the Holy Spirit descends on every priest
at his ordination to remain with him for all time in his ministry to the people of God.

We pray for all priests as they prepare souls for a new infilling of the Holy Spirit
at Confirmation.

We pray that every priest might prayerfully beg for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and seek
opportunities to gather with his brother priests and the faithful to pray, to praise God,
and to call forth the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help build up the Body of Christ.

The Assumption

Mary is assumed body and soul into Heaven.

The language of true love – the proof of true love – is sacrifice. Like Her crucified Son
Who sacrificed all to redeem us, Mary has sacrificed Her entire life to God. And when,
at the foot of the Cross, Jesus said to Her, “Woman, behold, Your son,” 14 She took into
Her heart not just John, but all of humanity and, in a special way, every priest for all
time and eternity.

We pray that every priest will cherish deeply his filial relationship with Mary, that he
will love Her, turn to Her in all his needs, spread devotion to Her and at last commend
himself into Her maternal arms at the hour of his death.

The Coronation

Mary, most humble of all God’s children, is crowned Queen. She is exalted forever
over every creature in the Heavens above and on earth below!

As Queen and Mother of all priests, Mary remains at the side of each of Her sons
throughout his life of ministry, guiding, inspiring and exhorting him and interceding
for him before the Throne of God.

We pray for the holiness and fidelity of every priest from the day of his ordination to
the day he, too, enters eternity where he may take his place with Mary and the entire
Communion of Saints to experience forever the incomprehensible Love of God.

Deus meus et omnia … my God and my all!”

12 Matthew 28:19 (NAB) 13 Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests, 9 14 John 19:26 (NAB)



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