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The Agony in the Garden

Jesus, in fervent prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweats blood as He sees the
suffering, torture and humiliation that awaits Him. He feels the weight of the sins
of mankind and knows that His sacrifice will be a scandal to some, misunderstood
and rejected by others. In the midst of this dark and bitter agony, Jesus surrenders
– ”Not My will, [Father,] but Thine, be done.” 10

It is the privilege and obligation of every priest everywhere to give his life for
the sanctification and salvation of souls. We pray that all priests will surrender
themselves into the hands of the Father each day, no matter what it costs.

We pray that every priest can place his trust fully in the Lord, especially in the
midst of darkness, misunderstanding or humiliation – when his best efforts
for the good of souls appear to be in vain.

The Scourging at the Pillar

Jesus is bound to a pillar and His Sacred Flesh is mercilessly scourged.
His Precious Blood flows freely from His open wounds.

We pray that all priests will remain faithful to the discipline of celibacy and
be diligent by their words and their example in promoting purity and chastity
in all vocations.

We pray that every priest who, through weakness and neglect of his relationship
with Christ, has fallen into sin, ignored or rejected the teachings of the Church,
or abandoned his vocation, may repent and return to the merciful love of God.

The Crowning with Thorns

Jesus’ Sacred Head is pierced deeply with a crown of thorns. Again, His Precious
Blood flows freely for us. He is mocked and spat upon, but the “man of sorrows,
despised and rejected, opens not his mouth.” 11

We pray that all priests will strive for and cherish the virtue of humility, shunning
every show of pride and seeking always to carry out their duties with humble
and sincere obedience, in the sure knowledge that the least assignment for the
Kingdom is no less than the greatest when all is done for the love of God.

We pray that all priests, like Jesus, will look with kindly and fatherly eyes on
the great and the small, the rich and the poor alike in their ministry.

The Carrying of the Cross

Jesus carries His heavy Cross up the hill of Calvary, falling again and again under
the weight of our sins. He is exhausted, in terrible pain and surrounded by brutality.

We pray here especially for priests who, being falsely accused or having actually
fallen in some way, must yet endure scorn, gossip and rejection rather than the
love and prayer they need.

We pray that every priest, when he sees a fallen brother, will come to his aid
with the fraternal charity and prayer he needs for support and healing.

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

Jesus came into the world to show us the way to the Father. Now, in His final hour,
hanging in agony on the Cross, He reveals the depth of God’s love and mercy by
giving His life to redeem us from sin and death.

We pray for all priests as they administer the Anointing of the Sick and carry
Viaticum to the dying.

For all priests who are now on their deathbed and those who will die this day, we
ask for the grace of final perseverance. We pray, too, that through their union with
Christ on the Cross, they may find the strength to forgive all who have offended
them throughout their ministry.

And we pray for the souls of all priests in Purgatory.

10 Luke 22:42 (RSV) 11 Isaiah 53:3,7 (RSV)

37 38



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