Praying for Vocations now available

Maria Regina Cleri has never charged for the book, Praying For Our Priests, or its companion Rosary and Stations of the Cross CD’s.  You might think that this is a rather odd way to “do business.”  Let us explain:

We, as an apostolate, have understood from the beginning that the Blessed Mother wanted us to get our book into the hands of as many people as possible so that they would pray for her priest sons.  We discussed over and over again what we should charge for our little book when it came off the press, yet we were never able to agree on an asking price.  Some wanted to charge more for it, some wanted to charge less.  One day as we met and were discussing the matter yet again, someone asked the question, “Are we absolutely sure we are supposed to charge at all?  Maybe we are supposed to distribute the book for free.”  It was a game-changing moment.  As we sat in silence reflecting on the question, a nearly tangible wave of peace swept through the room and the loving presence of the Blessed Mother seemed very near.  From that moment on, we never again considered charging for our materials.  We have simply placed our needs in the hands of the Blessed Mother and trusted her to provide for them.

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