Would you like to become a part of our apostolate?

We would love to have you praying with us for our beloved priests. There are no sign-ups, no dues, no membership cards. Just join us daily in prayer.

You can use our meditations for the Rosary or Stations of the Cross for priests, our Rosary for Vocations, or any other prayers you would like. Simply sitting in silence before the Blessed Sacrament and offering that time for the priesthood is a wonderful way to pray.

Let us pray for your priest

We, and others who visit our website, would love to pray for any priest you know who may be in special need of our prayers. We will list here the names of priests you send whom you would like us to pray for. PLEASE…do NOT send the last names of priests, where they are from, or what their needs are. Our Lord and our Blessed Mother Mary know these things, and that is enough. Just send their names as Father (first name). We will add their names to our website and pray.

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Thank you for letting us pray for your priest in this way!